The Arts Project of Orange County is an all arts educational facility in South Orange County that specializes in Art, Dance, Music, Theatre and Voice to students ages 2 through adults, beginner through pre-professional.  We are a one-stop shop for all things art, providing families with choices for all children to explore their creativity and develop their artistry. We strive to provide a “Third Place”, somewhere other than home and school that becomes our student’s safe space and creative community.  We pick up the arts, where our schools have dropped or discontinued. The arts make a well-rounded, good human. “Every child is an artist!” - Pablo Picasso


  1. THIRD PLACE - Somewhere other than home and school that becomes our student's safe space and creative community.  Somewhere they want to return to daily and never want to leave.

  2. GOOD HUMANS - Building better people through their art.  We not only spend time on the growth and development of their art forms, but students are learning important life skills like discipline, time management, teamwork, and communication.  They are also building self-confidence, acceptance & respect for themselves and others.

  3. ACCEPTANCE - Everyone is welcome.  Regardless of age, levels, races, genders, social status, artists.  Judgment free zone. An unwavering belief in all students potential as artists whatever their level or ability.

  4. FAMILY - We want my staff, students and clients to feel like this is their family.  The family they choose.

  5. ARTISTRY - We are about creating Art, not competing within Art.  We want our students to find their talent, their voice and nourish it.  Bringing their own brilliance to life.

  6. COMMUNITY - Creating a space and opportunity to explore the arts through collaboration with other like-minded individuals. Finding the tribe that we connect with. Being a part of the TAPOC family no matter what age, level or artform. When a student comes to TAPOC they leave with a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves.

  7. QUALITY & EXCELLENCE - We want our students to learn the correct technique, produce high-end productions and have an overall higher standard for education for them.  Strive to be our best.

  8. PASSION & JOY-  We want to share our love of the arts, creating patrons of the arts through developing a passion for their art.  Creating a feeling of great pleasure and happiness through art, music, singing, dancing or acting.

  9. COLLABORATION - Enriching our community, students, and families by working together as a team to create our art and learn together.  Cultivating a creative community within the studio where all arts come together and raise each other up. Participate within our community to support each other and share our love for the arts.  Become our community’s Ambassadors of the Arts.

  10. FUN - To always be having a good time in our creativity and enjoying what we do at all times.  You can still have lots of fun while being disciplined, hardworking and focused on your artistic technique.


I grew up in a dance studio...literally.  My sister opened her first dance studio at the age of 20, which made me 9 years old - spending every day at the studio.  I remember my mom driving 30 miles to and from the studio daily for classes, performance and hanging with my friends. My teachers were my mentors, second parents, and someone I could look up to with respect.  My dance classmates were my best friends, confidants, and sisters. The studio was my third place, next to school and home. I spent hours daily at the studio in-class training, doing homework, eating dinner, and spending time with my friends.  I gave me something to pour myself into and I loved my drug of choice - DANCE! It kept me busy, focused on something positive and healthy both mentally and physically.

My daughter is not a dancer and that is absolutely okay.  She is an artist - an illustrator and animator. She could spend hours in her bedroom sketching and drawing; alone and isolated since her artform is uniquely singular. I wanted a place where she could experience all those things I did by being at the dance studio.  So we created The Arts Project for Acacia and every young artist in South Orange County. I wanted to create that same space for all artists - dancers, actors, singers, artists, musicians. TAPOC now gives her a real-world community and social interactions that she can experience in person.  Not virtually! With the increased use of technology with our children, TAPOC provides a space that brings our kids into interpersonal communication in person. By building friendship, teamwork, collaboration and social activities surrounding the thing they love - ART!  We provide a safe space and a creative community where our kids can create life-long relationships and develop their unique artistry.

TAPOC is a one-stop-shop for all things art - Art, Dance, Music, Voice, and Theatre.  Convenience is king! Another reason we opened TAPOC, was through many conversations with local parents about their busy schedules.  It became clear that not only did South Orange County need more art available to our youth; it needed a comprehensive facility that could be a one-stop solution. We wanted to solve the busy family issue of going to 4 separate places for 4 separate kids. A one-stop-shop for All Things Art!

I hope that TAPOC becomes your Third Place and we can share in your artistic journey!

-Michelle :)