The BlackBox Studio

With a variety of acting, improv & musical theater classes, our Black Box Studio is a supportive and fun environment perfect for students of any age. Learn basic to advanced techniques, be creative and expressive and improve your communication skills – a skill that improves performance in every area of life. From dedicated actors to casual students, there is a class for everyone.




Triple Threat Class (Ages 4+)

  • Triple Threat is a term used for a performer who is proficient in singing, dance,  & theater. This class helps student become a well-rounded performer! Music, acting and musical theater choreography, as well as proper dance techniques taught.  A Fun way to explore all the arts!

Acting for Dancers (Ages 8+)

  • This class is geared towards dancers but anyone is welcome to join! We will explore acting fundamentals learning about The Meisner Technique, as well as the Stanislavski approach. Students will learn how to perform a monologue, participate in scene work and understand how to create a vivid character onstage. This class is a low stress way for dancers to learn the craft of acting to better enhance their own performances.  

  • This class is wonderful for newer actors and as well as experienced ones. This class will explore the art of improv. and develop fundamental skills needed to be successful in any production. We will focus on active listening, character development and learning how to make big choices with total commitment. This class is a blast and perfect for multiple age groups and experience levels
  • This class is a general overview of all things acting. You will gain the fundamental skills needed to take part in a theatrical process, from script analysis and scene work to improvisation and monologue work. If you acted onstage in high school and would love to get back into the wonderful world of theatre this class is great for you.
  • This class will explore the techniques of Sanford Meisner. Meisner believed we must live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Over the course of this class we will work though some exercises to learn how to better do this. The purpose of this class will be to train actors to be present in each moment, to actively listen and to learn how to be free onstage.