AUDITIONS FOR LEGALLY BLONDE have already happened, but we do have some great parts still available.

If you did not make it the day of the audition, please email or call us at 949-873-3334 to set up a private audition.

LEGALLY BLONDE JR casts will be split into groupings.  We will meet on T/TH 4:30-6:30pm.   

Contact Michelle at 949.873.3334 or email for AUDITION Info

San Clemente Christian School @ 1050 Calle Negocio, San Clemente, CA 92673 


AUDITIONS FOR THE WIZARD OF OZ will be held in class on Wednesday, February 26th @ 3:30-5:30pm

If you cannot make it the day of the audition, please email or call us to set up a private audition.

Contact Michelle at 949.873.3334 or email for AUDITION Info

San Clemente Christian School @ 1050 Calle Negocio, San Clemente, CA 92673 (LOCATION CHANGE)

Call 949-877-4556 for more information or email us at

HOW TO SIGN UP??? Go online to and register for the day and time that you would like to attend weekly.  This is an INTEREST LIST.   Depending on the number of students that register on the list, we will have classes to reflect the number of students.   If you know that you would like to audition, then go to to sign up for the audition. 

*Once you fill out these two forms, you will get an email or phone call to confirm.  Those who sign up for the audition will get information on the audition with the songs, sides and a cast list for the audition so they can be prepared for those that early register.  Sides are short selections from the script that actors perform in the audition room.

Reminder:  We are in a NEW location at the SAN CLEMENTE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL AT 1050 Calle Negocio, San Clemente CA 92673

Our 2020 Spring Production for Juniors & Teens (Ages 8-18) will be LEGALLY BLONDE JR and for KIDS (Ages 4-8) it will be THE WIZARD OF OZ.   We will be doing at least two casts for each production.   Every student that auditions will have a principal or featured ensemble role and then will have the opportunity to become an ensemble member for the other cast.  We are very excited about this new added benefit to our program. Link for online information:  PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS

SIGN UP TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE IN THE DAY AND TIME THAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU!!!  We are limiting the enrollment for each cast.

SHOWS:  You must be available for all shows to be cast in the production.   Each cast will have at least two shows. We will have power rehearsals Friday or Saturday’s one month prior if needed. 

Performance Dates:   



PARTICIPATION:  There are levels of casting & commitment for our shows: Principal, Featured, Ensemble & Chorus.  Tuition will be based on casting and weekly hours. We are bundling our fees and now there is one production fee due at registration.  All students ages 4-8 are eligible to enroll and audition for THE WIZARD OF OZ.  All students ages 8-18 are eligible to enroll and audition for LEGALLY BLONDE JR.  We will be casting from the third week of February.  If you are unable to attend the first class, please email as soon as possible for instruction on your audition.  We would also like to invite our SCCS family to have their own casts on Wednesday afternoons, so check the schedule.

THE WIZARD OF OZ: We will be casting each student as a Principal (lead), Featured Ensemble or Ensemble for their production.  Each student will also have the option to be cast as an ensemble cast for the other Kids cast. This is a ONCE a week commitment with two options for enrollment:  Wednesday 3:30-5:30pm.     

LEGALLY BLONDE JR:  We will be casting each student as a Principal (lead) or Featured Ensemble for their production. Each student will also be cast as an ensemble cast for the opposite cast.  This is a twice a week commitment.  Tentative options depending on participation will be Tuesday/Thursday 4:30-6:30pm. There is also the option to be Ensemble in one cast, which is a once a week commitment.

Performers cast as principals and featured ensemble will have a greater time commitment, the will have lines, be in a number of scenes, may have multiple parts, and pending the specific role, may have vocal solos or duets.  They will work one on one with the director. These parts require practice at home. Not every student is required to be a Principal or Featured Ensemble, we just want to give everyone a chance to shine.  

If you are interested in another day and time, please email us at   We are open to starting an additional cast if we have enough students.

PRODUCTION FEE:  $135 (Bundled)

Due at registration (non-refundable) - This fee includes:

  • Registration Fee—Administration, Insurance, Music Licensing, Supplies, Reserving space in the class

  • Materials Fee—Music, Scripts, Rights, Student Supplies

  • Prop/Costume Rental Fee—Rental of Costumes, Props & Sets, Microphones

MONTHLY TUITION:  Monthly tuition is combined for the production and divided into four monthly installments.  Depending on your roles, the cost may vary. Monthly tuition includes your weekly dance, vocal, and acting technique training, weekly rehearsals and all power & dress rehearsals and any extra one on one time with the director.  The first installment is due upon enrollment. The remaining payments will be due on the 1st of each month (1/2 Feb, March, April May, June)) and all accounts must be on autopay. No refunds given for classes not taken or attended. Charges will appear on your statement. 

February will be prorated


KIDS – Principal/Featured Cast                  2 Hours per week                    $135 Monthly

KIDS – Ensemble Cast                              1 Hour per week                      $90 Monthly


JUNIORS - Principal/Featured Cast             4 Hours per week                   $210 Monthly

TEEN - Principal/Featured Cast                  4 Hours per week                   $210 Monthly

JR or TEEN - Ensemble                             2 Hours per week                    $145 Monthly      

 What is different from previous productions?  

*Each student will participate in the audition prep the first week of classes.  Then the audition will be in class the second class.  No separate audition necessary.  

*Every student who auditions will be cast in a Principal or Featured Ensemble role with lines and/or vocal opportunities.  They will also be cast as Ensemble in the opposite cast.  This is a HUGE benefit as they will truly learn how to be a cast and support each other through the production process.

*Triple Threat technique will be given throughout the process in conjunction with their rehearsals rather than a separate class.  This will allow us to work specifically on the techniques needed for the show.

*One Day commitment for KIDS CAST and JR or TEEN Ensemble - We combine the hours and now it will be a one-day commitment for the Kids Cast (Ages 4-8).  And if you can only commit to one day, you can participate in LEGALLY BLONDE JR.

*One-day options for participation for both shows.  This is as Ensemble in the show.

*Eligible Juniors will be cast in an intermediate cast of the show, per the directors’ approval.  Must have been in at least one TAPOC productions to be eligible. This will be a more advanced show.

*Option for joining Performance Company.

We will have a full schedule for the productions by March 1st.  All casts will start the week of February 18th. All power and dress rehearsals will begin at the end of May.  We will send out a parent informational packet with all the information by March 1st.

ELIGIBLE FOR PERFORMANCE COMPANYIf you are enrolled in our productions at TAPOC, you are eligible to be a part of our Performance Company.  This is our Elite group of performers who are looking for outside opportunities to perform – because we LOVE to be on stage!  We will be performing at local events and facilities throughout Southern OC and also will have the option to compete in the Spring.  Each student will be working on Solos, Duets * Trios as well as small group numbers and a large production routine for events and competitions.   Email us for more information. The additional cost is $60 per month to join and we will be meeting on Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm.

ADDITIONAL CLASSES:  Once the production starts and we see what times we have available, we will be starting a few additional classes at TAPOC such as Jazz, Tap & Ballet.   So if you are interested, contact Michelle for more information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at 949.873-3334.

With Joy...

Michelle Hanson-Carpenter