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Student and Family Testimonials: 


Conrad J Age 18


I want to take classes here because, for me, acting is my passion and this place is different than others in the best way ever. Our instructors here give us chances to express our ideas for scenes or songs instead of just telling us DIRECTLY what to do to the T. I like that we also try and are taught different types of acting techniques such as Meisner and Stanislavski. I have stayed here for so long because of the friendly family feeling you get as soon as you walk in. Here, it's not just acting, it's not just a studio, and it’s a family. A home away from your home. We grow as people and friends as well as actors there are no little groups because everyone, as well as the instructors are friendly and accepting. My favorite things about TAPOC is the musicals, the people and the instructors. When asked to describe TAPOC is three words I choose: It’s my home.


Connor K age 13


I come to TAPOC because I want to become an actor, it has always been a dream of mine and there hasn't been a better location then this studio to pursue it. The instructors are different here than other places because we learn about technique, we learn The Meisner Technique and emotional preparation, they don’t judge you but they tell you how to improve. I have stayed here because of the non judgement zone and the amazing acting techniques I have learned, and Miss Emily has made me want to keep taking classes with her. She teaches us so many different ways to act and is really amazing. I think TAPOC is different from schools and other studios/theaters because you really become one big family. If I were to describe TAPOC in three words it would be fun, inviting and loving.


Presley N Age 13


I come to TAPOC because it has given me growth in all aspects of art and has helped me grow my talent. The instructors are different here because they grow personal bonds with each and every student. You are treated like an individual and not just one big group . I have learned not just to come onstage and say the lines but about technique and how to use that to be a better actor. I like that you get one on one training and are treated like a professional. In  three words TAPOC is family, learning and love.


Tanner L age 12  

I come here because I want to improve my skills and work on the things I struggle with to become a better actor. My instructors are very loving and patient with us and are very honest on how we can improve. I have stayed here versus other studios or theatre because there is a no judgement zone and we have created a family among everyone. I also have learned real, professional theatre skills. Tapcoc goes over all arts and is the home where arts kids can thrive with amazing instructors, and friends and you just have a great space to learn. My favorite part is waking up on Mondays and Wednesday and knowing I am going to my safe place and second home. They asked me to describe TAPOC in three works but there are not enough words to describe something as amazing as this but I will try: Magical, worth and home.


Rachel V Age 14


                 I came here to improve my skills in acting, singing, dancing and further my theatre experience. I find the instructors to be very loving and they have made me part of their home. The classes are amazing as well as the instructors. I have created real relationships with my teachers and with my actors. The learning environment is something I have never experienced. It's very different from school. It’s where the teachers and students are one big family creating together. It’s very special and unique. My favorite thing about TAPOC is knowing I have a second home that I can go to no matter what, a place where nobody will judge you. In three words TAPOC is family, love and home.


Chloe S Age 13


                I come to TAPOC because you learn so much about theatre such as acting, singing and dancing. What's different about the instructors here is that they treat you like adults and they also treat you like their own children. It’s a special place because it’s like another home, a place where anyone can go and you are safe. You also will learn more than you ever thought was possible. The program is different than school or other theaters because you learn advanced techniques. We learn about Meisner and Stanislavski. To be honest, I can't really explain how much this place means to me, to everyone here, you are accepted for exactly who you are I  feel comfortable, I feel like me, I made the greatest of friends and I am forever grateful I have found this place. They make you look forward to theatre days, I get to do my favorite thing with my favorite people. In three words I would say this place is comfortable, nonjudgmental, and amazing.


Reece H Age 16


                I was looking to do theatre outside of school and I found TAPOC. Miss Emily is my favorite person in the world and I think she is the best teacher I have ever had. The friends I made here are most likely going to be people I will be friends with for the rest of my life. TAPOC is the most welcoming environment and you learn so much, my favorite part of going is seeing the people and learning about acting. In three words TAPOC is loving, learning and fun.